Marketing Packages

This website is designed to support you our resellers in selling Surface, enabling you with content around services, financing and Marketing Packages.

Why is Marketing important? Well this will always be a biased view as you are reading a website written by a Marketing employee.

Marketing is key to communicate your message to the target market. How can you ad-dress the needs of your customer? And how do they know you can?

So to get you off the ground, we have created some off the shelf marketing packages to support you in selling Surface.

To support your marketing needs further, Ingram Micro also have Marketing as a Service (MAAS). Ingram’s Marketing as a Service (MAAS) opens up new and exciting opportunities to engage and nurture your customers. Get a new website or professional online brochure, broaden your reach with social media campaigns, or develop your marketing strategy in part-nership with our agency partner.

It’s all the support you need to drive awareness, interest and action in today’s digital age. To order any of our services will only take 5 minutes. Current offerings include:


Social Media

Brand Assessment


Marketing Workshop

PPC Stategy

Bespoke Event

Don’t forget ...

If you have any further marketing requirements, we have a team on hand to support with any additional marketing requirements.

Please go to to request more information and have a browse.

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